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Onscreen Chemistry: Best Hollywood Co-stars

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We all have our favorite co-worker, who’s capable of putting a smile on our face and make each day a little bit more bearable. Turns out, Hollywood’s biggest actors are no different. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see same people as co-stars over and over and over again.

Everyone – from famous directors and producers to random movie goers – knows that some actors simply have an undeniable chemistry. 

Let’s take a look at Hollywood’s most beloved dream teams, who always find a way back together.

Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks

One of the most prolific onscreen pairs, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks rose to prominence around the same time. They were each a powerful comedic force in the ‘90s. It’s hard to imagine what this era would look like without their classic rom-coms that we all know and love. And it all started in 1990 with Joe Versus the Volcano.

This was a hilarious tale about a hypochondriac who learns he’s dying and wants to throw himself into a volcano. While it isn’t their most memorable collaboration to date, it proved to the world they have an undeniable chemistry. The momentum of that first flick led to many amazing things in the future.

Ryan and Hanks later appeared in beloved rom-coms Sleepless In Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. Their amazing chemistry cemented their status as one of the favorite movie couples of the ‘90s.

Ryan later admitted she always enjoyed working with Hanks. He’s an easy-going person, she said, and a good listener who’s always rooting for other people.

“Hanks doesn’t like there to be drama. I feel the same way. We’re just really there to have fun, this is supposed to be a creative experience and there’s no reason to get heavy.”

Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson

Have you ever watched a Ben Stiller movie and waited for Owen Wilson to pop up out of nowhere? If so, you’re not the only one.

These two worked together so many times that they feel like a double package. So much so, that listing all the movies they both starred in would take all day.

Back in 1996, they both played small roles in The Cable Guy, alongside Jim Carrey. They were relatively unknown at the time, but it didn’t take them long to become one of the most recognizable comedic duos in the world.

What we like about Stiller and Wilson is the sheer diversity of the projects they appeared in together. Sure thing – they were all comedies, but this duo truly explored the full scope of the genre.

They starred in family classic Meet the Parents and its sequels. Later, they explored the more indie side of films with The Royal Tenenbaums, emerged into full ridiculousness with Zoolander and dove into the fun side of history in the Night at the Museum franchise.

We patiently await their next endeavor, and something tells us it will be pretty hilarious.

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