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Onscreen Chemistry: Best Hollywood Co-stars

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Samuel L. Jackson & Bruce Willis

Die Hard transformed Bruce Willis into one of the biggest action stars in the world. Some of Hollywood’s most creative directors couldn’t help but notice. Quentin Tarantino cast him in his cult classic Pulp Fiction, which boosted a pretty impressive cast.

This iconic crime drama also starred Samuel L. Jackson, who received an Oscar nod for his supporting role. He shared most of his screen time with John Travolta, but wasn’t a total stranger to Willis, who previously made a brief cameo in his film Loaded Weapon 1.

It didn’t take long for these two to reunite again – they both starred in Die Hard with a Vengeance only a year after Pulp Fiction came out. 

M. Night Shyamalan was impressed by their amazing on-screen dynamics, and wrote the movie Unbreakable with Willis and Jackson in mind.

This mystery drama became a fan favorite, and Shyamalan decided to revisit it over a decade later. The sequel of this hit film, titled Glass, came out in 2019, with Willis and Jackson returning to their roles from the original.

Nick Frost & Simon Pegg

British comedy gave us dozens of amazing duos, including Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. They became household names thanks to Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy, but these two actually go way, way back.

Back in 1999, both actors starred in short-lived and highly underrated Channel 4 sitcom Spaced. Simon Pegg created this series with Jessica Hynes, and wrote the character of Mike Watt specifically for his friend Nick Frost. He barely had any acting credits to his name before this project came along, but Pegg put full trust in him and it paid off big time.

Pegg and Frost went on to star in several movies together, most notably Shaun of the DeadHot Fuzz and The World’s End – all directed by Edgar Wright, just like Spaced. These projects proved what Pegg knew all along – that they simply belong together.

“It’s about the mathematics of fate. And somehow, we found each other and have been together ever since. I realized after two weeks of hanging out with Nick, I really, really like this guy. It was like a romance blossomed between us,” Pegg shared in his memoir Nerd Do Well.

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