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You Could Be Dating A Future Celebrity! These People Unknowingly Did

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When seeing your favorite celebrities looking back at you from the silvers screens, it’s easy to forget that they had their blunder years too. In fact, most of them used to be simple average Joe’s before making it big.

In recent years, people have been finding photos of themselves or their relatives dating celebrities before they were famous without even realizing it. From Jamie Foxx to Leonardo DiCaprio – it’s always interesting to catch a glimpse of the celebs before they became famous. Check them out in the gallery below!

My Mom Dated Adam Sandler In High School. Here Are Her Prom Pics

Image source: BPearsonn

So My Mom Dated Matt Le Blanc And She Finally Found A Picture Of Them

Image source: RimKoumaira

Just Found These Pics Of Leo With My Family… (He Dated My Aunt)

Image source: lenaalawtattoo

Found Michelle Obama In My Uncles Yearbook

Image source: darahelena_

When My Aunt Dated Jamie Foxx And We Called Him Uncle Jami

Image source: mikaelakistner

Cousin Dated Matthew McConaughey In College

Image source: peytonntheisen

My Aunt Dated Ashton Back When He Was Young, So I Thought I’d Take This Time To Let Everybody Else Know About My Family Treasure

Image source: peterson_molly

So My Mom Dated Woody Harrelson

Image source: joaniemarie123

My Aunt Dated Jimmy Fallon

My Sister Used To Date Usher In High School And She Is Just Now Telling Me

Image source: camrynmariaa

Back When Ariana Grande And I ‘Dated’ And Did Theater Together

Image source:  joshvenkat

I Just Found Out A Friend Of Mine Went To High School With Zac Efron. He Pulled Out His Yearbook As Proof

Image source: CeciliaBratton

Turns Out My Mom Dated Josh Hartnet In High School

Image source: AlTschida2

My Daddy Used To Date Ol Girl From Martin

My Best Friends Mom Went To High School With Josh Duhamel And Found This In Her Yearbook. I Think I See A Mulle

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