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Photos That Prove Why Children Should Not Be Left Alone With The Family Pet

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Many of my best stories involve me as a kid doing something weird with one of my pets. I’ve had several dogs and cats throughout my life, and we’ve all got stories to tell about each other. I’m better at telling the stories than any of my cats and dogs though, so don’t bother asking them. If you’ve been lucky enough to have a furry pal in your life as a kid, then you know the kind of trouble you can get in. Kids are naturally destructive and so are pets. They haven’t learned the rules of society yet. Together they can be a gale force of big messes and broken vases. Let’s see if any of these pictures look familiar to you. You may have a kid who did the exact same thing, or there may be some of your own deep seeded memories that bubble to the surface. I, for one, have been guilty of number 43 myself. You’ll see what I mean.

1. Coloring Book Dog

2. If It’s Good Enough for Them

3. Can I Borrow That?

4. Victim and Assailant

5. What Are You Drinking, Hi-BARK-scus tea?

6. Conjoined Kid and Cat

7. The Streets were Hard on Her

8. Doggy Disguiso

9. A Wall Between Us

10. Build a Cat

11. K-9 Cup

12. Hair Done, Nails Did

13. Sweet, Pony Dreams

14. Partners in Crime

15. Play the Same

16. Let Me In!

17. Needs a Visit to the Salon

18. WonderDog

19. Very Rare

20. Catscaping

21. Strapped In

22. A Blank Canvas

23. Man Bun

24. Catnip Jackson

25. Pretty in Pink

26. Dog Lake

27. The Crown

28. Disney Channel Moment

29. Designed by Both Genders

30. Christmas Dog

31. Swinger Cat

32. MTV Cribs

33. Loyal Steed

34. Feeding the Dog

35. I Don’t Remember that on the Grocery List

36. A Royal Purr

37. Happy Catsgiving

38. Indianapolis Feline-hundred

39. The Queen’s Guard

40. One at a Time, Please

41. Lap Dance

42. Muddy Buddies

43. Man’s Best Prom Date

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