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Secret Children of Celebrities

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Celebrities live their lives in the spotlight, and they know better than everyone that it isn’t always positive. Perhaps to protect their children from growing up under the microscope, many stars have kept quiet about their children. Still others are hiding the information for other reasons, or may not even have known of the child themselves! Read below about the celebrities who you may not have known have children.

Steven Tyler

The Aerosmith front man and his daughter Liv are one of the most famous celebrity families and are often seen together. Until she was 8 years old however, Liv didn’t know the identity of her father. She noticed the singer looked like her, but it really set in when she saw her half-sister Mia standing onstage. Mia is just 17 months younger and looked like she could be Liv’s twin.

Chuck Norris

Actor and martial arts icon Chuck Norris didn’t reveal he had a child for a quarter of a decade. Perhaps because he didn’t know it! He received a letter from a 26-year-old named Dina informing him that she was his daughter.

Simon Cowell

Simon and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman have a child together. What’s so secretive about that? Well, they weren’t always a couple. In fact, Lauren was married to one of Simon’s good friends!


Drake and fellow rapper Pusha T are involved in a beef that has resulted in each releasing diss tracks of the other. Pusha T began by accusing Drake of using a ghostwriter in Infrared, and Drake responded with his song, Duppy Freestyle. Pusha T upped the ante in The Story of Adidon where he alleged his adversary had fathered a child with a French adult film actress, a story Drake later confirmed.

Vincent Kartheiser & Alexis Bledel

When 2 actors marry, it is hard to keep it a secret. That is exactly what Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel tried to do, keeping very private about their relationship. They didn’t succeed in keeping that under wraps, but they did successfully hide the fact that they had a child together. Alexis’ Gilmore Girls costar revealed it in a Glamour interview.

Frank Sinatra

“Ol’ Blue Eyes” was always known as a ladies man so rumors of secret children abound. One of the most intriguing is the speculation that Frank and third wife Mia Farrow, who remained lifelong friends, had a child. Ronan Farrow, born many years after their divorce, is officially listed as the child of Woody Allen.

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