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Sexist Vintage Ads That Would Never Fly Today

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If you watch TV, you know that even today, women are often sexualized in plenty advertisements. While “sex sells” is nothing new to advertising or other media, in the 21st century, it’s fair to say that women, minorities, and other diverse populations are more often represented fairly today than ever before. That’s why these vintage advertisements are so shockingly offensive, especially to women.

It’s easy to feel nostalgic for a bygone era of seemingly simpler times when watching shows like Mad Men, but these sexist ads remind us that we really have come a long way, baby. As you’ll see, it was a man’s world, and the ad men had no qualms about portraying men as superior and powerful while stereotyping women as inferior, submissive, and weak in adverts and vintage poster, photos, and pictures like these.

These sexist vintage ads will make you LOL, make your jaw drop with horror, and make you incredibly grateful that things aren’t this bad for women in America now. Ads from everything to kitchen appliances to beauty products to ties your husband will totally love portrayed women as insecure, inept children who needed to be put in their place or controlled by men. Even though we still have a long way to go before ads stop sexualizing women or telling them to look and act a certain way, at least we can turn on the TV and flip through a magazine without being told to get back in the kitchen already. Check out the outrageously sexist ads below and vote up the ones that made you gasp with disbelief. 

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