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Strangest Hangover Cures From Around the Globe

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Part of traveling the world includes trying the local delicacies and culture. When in Rome, drink tons of red wine! That’s how the saying goes, right?

Imbibing in local libations could mean you wake up feeling less-than-enthusiastic about sightseeing. That’s where these special concoctions come in. When in Rome, deep fry a canary.

See some of the crazy ways people are soothing their pain all around the world.

Dried bull’s penis – Sicily

Manly Sicilian men weakened by an earsplitting headache and the after-effects of too many limoncellos hope that munching on the impressive genitalia of a bull will restore their virility. Because what’s more virile than a bull?

Wonderous, delicious jerky often heals the head after a bender (what with the restorative additions of salt, sugar, and preservatives); think of this as a less-than-slim Jim with a slightly more exotic origin than 7-11.

Sheep’s eyeball – Mongolia

Mongolians just mosey on over to their corner deli and scoop up some pickled eyeballs to mix in with their tomato juice, for a truly bloody Bloody Mary.

Much like the preferred American hangover remedy, tomato juice is key here. When imbibing, your liver gets too preoccupied metabolizing the poison you’re injecting it with to maintain adequate blood sugar levels, but a glass of tomato juice packs enough simple sugars to get you into a vertical position. As for the eyeballs, well… protein can’t hurt, right?

Voodoo – Haiti

Talk about scape-goating. Haitians shirk all responsibility for their throbbing head by blaming the drink for their pain, and punish it by inserting 13 pins into the offending bottle’s cork. Apparently, this magically removes a hangover. What happens if the bottle doesn’t have a cork? Unclear. But it sure beats bull penis.

Who knows — maybe there are higher powers at work, and they’re very concerned with your personal hangover hell?

Balut – the Philippines

Unhatched duckling is thought to remove those morning cobwebs in the Philippines.

Eggs contain cysteine, which can help soak up free radicals caused by alcohol. But why does the egg have to be fertilized already?!

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