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The Most Passive Aggressive Notes from Neighbors

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Neighbors. They can be great friends, and people you can rely on to water you plants and feed the cat when you go on vacation – but more often than not, they can be the bane of your existence.

Whether they live in the apartment down the hall or in the house down the street, neighbors can find ways to make life difficult for you. 

Most of the time, we manage to contain our discontent – but sometimes, some neighbors are so intrusive and unbearable that something snaps – and people just have to take drastic measures and leave an angry note.

Singing in the Shower

Generally, singing to yourself is a pretty positive thing.

We mean, we’d love to have a reason to get up every morning and sing to ourselves like some sort of Disney princess – so generally, we’d be inclined to give this neighbor a thumbs up. They’re living their best life.

But if your singing is so terrible – and so frequent – that it gets your neighbors writing such strongly worded notes… well. It might be time to consider padding your apartment with acoustic foam.

A Friendly Haiku

Ah, we’ve all been there. There you are, tucked into bed, ready to fall asleep after a long, hard day of work. You’re cozy, comfortable and just about to drift off… when suddenly – your upstairs neighbors start to stomp.

The sounds emerging from your ceiling are so unlikely, it feels like it’s time to turn to some unlikely explanations – but maybe just asking them is the best course of action?

Write and Write and Write and Write

Karen’s neighbors got a new dog, and the little pup, bless him, won’t stop barking.

He barks at night, he barks in the morning, he barks in the evening when Karen gets back from work – and honestly, while Karen loves dogs, it was getting to be a bit much.

She tried speaking with her neighbors. She tried calling them, and she even left them a nice note in their mailbox – but at some point, it was just too much to bear, and the sharpie had to come out.

Valuable Goods

Who doesn’t love to receive packages? Especially Amazon packages. But that little smile can be too much temptation for some, even if opening someone else’s mail is a federal offense.

Seriously though, it must suck living in a building with a thief! The best you can do is shame them out of their nefarious ways.

Backhanded Compliment

Often, when a neighbor leaves a note for another neighbor, the note-writing one is in a position to complain about something. In this case, however, we’re not sure who should do the complaining.

The note itself is cordial enough, but there’s something deeply disturbing about it. How bad can the mailbox be? And what happens if they don’t “change it with a better one?”

Who steals a kiddie pool?

And what possible purpose might stand behind such a theft?

We are honestly afraid to try and imagine – but if the intention was to get grandpa angry and creative, well… it seems like this was an astonishing success.

Secondhand Smoke

Sometimes we need the help of our neighbors overcome obstacles like addiction – and nicotine addiction is definitely one of the bigger obstacles out there.

And sometimes, our neighbors are cats.

It may require certain concessions we wouldn’t regularly make, like not throwing our cigarette butts on to our neighbors’ lawn – but that’s just the kind of sacrifice we have to be willing to make in order to help our neighbors out in times of need.

The Exorcist

If you’ve watched The Exorcist, you know what this friendly neighbor is hinting at.

Apparently, someone was testing their bed’s springs last night, and this downstairs neighbor had to deal with the demonic influence the rusty mattress had over their sleeping schedule.

As far as a sleep-deprived stranger goes, this is actually a pretty nice note! We’re not sure we’d be as kind, understanding or humorous about it as this downstairs neighbor was!

A Walker, A Jogger and a Bicyclist

Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but something tells us this passerby didn’t see it as a laughing matter.

It seems like someone has a penchant for not wearing clothes! 

In all honesty, we think people should feel free to walk around their house however they like – but people should also feel comfortable walking down the street!

A Well Read Individual

Some people steal people’s mail out of necessity. Others – out of a compulsive sense of curiosity. Others yet, however, do so for truly dark purposes.

Take this “well read individual,” for instance. 

It’s one thing to take a man’s newspaper on a regular basis – but it’s an entirely different thing to double down once you’ve been called out, to chastise them for their language and to boast in your enjoyment of their hard-earned goods along the way!

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

You step outside in your running shorts and get ready to go for your daily barefoot jog, when, yet again, you have an unpleasant encounter with something your neighbor’s dog seems to always insist on leaving on the pavement directly in front of your house.

During the first few times, you might get bummed out that you haven’t noticed it there – but when it turns into a routine, you might feel like you have to do something about it, and a friendly note is the first step.

If I Have Told You Once, I’ve Told You Three Times

Listen. Sometimes you have to accept that there are some things you won’t be able to change. 

If someone sets their mind on burgling your home, that’s probably going to happen no matter how much you invest in home security.

But once you accept the fact that burglars are going to break into your house at one point or another, there are steps you can take to mitigate their damage.

You can let them know about your cats, and their penchant for running outside, for instance.

Parenting Tips

Apparently, this concerned neighbor feels very strongly about their nearby resident’s parenting habits. 

What do we know? It might really be a very cold, snowy winter and their kids really may be running around barefoot – but if there’s anything we’ve learned in life, it’s to think twice before we criticize other people’s parenting habits.

Still, it’s nice to have neighbors to pour down your righteous rage on from time to time!

A Very Particular Set of Skills

You know you’re in trouble when someone actually bothers to print out Liam Neeson’s Taken meme and pin it up in the building’s public space. 

Bassive Aggressive

You know the feeling. You’re at a party, the beat slowly builds and speeds up, and you just can’t wait for the bass to drop – and when it does, it is glorious.

Except, you know, not if it drops at 3:30 AM in the middle of the work week, inside your bedroom while you’re trying to get some shuteye.

There are very few things as severe in our book as depriving a stranger of sleep is. Taking this into consideration, the fact that this community member was able to word such an eloquent letter instead of turning to violence is quite admirable.

Sure, they could dial down the passive aggressiveness a bit – but their neighbor can totally dial the volume down, too!


Remember that viral local news interview with Antoine Dodson? The flamboyant Dodson became an internet celebrity after a remix of his interview, in which he said, among other things, “So y’all need to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband,” went viral and climbed to iTunes’ top selling songs list.

Well, while this public service announcement doesn’t refer to a subject as serious as that Dodson was interviewed about, it seems like a pretty fitting reference!

A Polite Marauder

This is actually a wonderful example of a neighbor being, well, neighborly! 

This poor homeowner left their door wide open while they were out, and anyone could have easily entered and taken their property – or even done damage to the house!

Luckily, this altruistic, polite home invader had the presence of mind and sense of responsibility to walk inside and close the door before anyone else did anything bad, and left an alarm – but also surprisingly reassuring! – message.

Good Neighbors

This is another case of neighbors being neighborly! 

This poor soul’s plant fell off their balcony at night, and while other strangers might have been content to let it die, the good folks in apartment 102 took it in and did their best to resuscitate it. 

Could this tragic plant crash be the beginning of a beautiful new friendship?

Next Time, Send an Owl

Potterheads, pay attention: Harry Potter is real, and he seems to be a little angry at his upstairs neighbor! 

It’s either that, or this guy is really, really into the Harry Potter series – so much so that he even has to reference it in his angry letters to his upstairs neighbor!

We guess there’s something pleasant and comforting in thinking that the noisy upstairs neighbor that’s been stomping around above your bedroom is actually Hagrid – it’s difficult to stay angry at the loveable half-giant!

Creepy Van

Is asking a person to park their car elsewhere just because it creeps you out a legitimate request?

We’re not sure, but if you feel comfortable enough to walk up and pin a note on a van that creeps you out at night, is that van truly that creepy?

Nothing To Worry About

Okay, fostering good relations with your neighbors is important – and this is probably not the best way to go about doing that. 

We mean, sure, letting people know they’re locked in a building with a 7 foot long python – and only their own skills and reflexes to rely on in order to survive – will probably bring the neighbors together, but it won’t help the owner of the snake when they need to borrow a cup of milk or ask someone to water their plants a few weeks down the line.

Living Alarm Clock

For some, waking up at the crack of dawn to the sound of a rooster’s cry is the very picture of luxury and of idyllic country life.

For others – especially those who live in downtown apartment blocks with a tendency to party all night – it’s the definition of hell.

And while we could understand – barely – why someone would want to keep chickens in their apartment (eggs!), a rooster is completely beyond the scope of our comprehension. 

Also, just a thought: if this is a pre-warning… does that mean that what comes next is going to be a, well… warning?

Neighborly Concern

The great thing about living in a community is that you have people looking out for you.

This concerned neighbor likes to keep an eye out for his fellow apartment dwellers, and even takes the time to write them friendly notes when he thinks something might be the matter.

We assume he has his own internet connection at home, and that he merely likes to keep tabs on his neighbors WiFi networks out of neighborly concern, of course.

Move It, Maybe

Some of the notes we’ve seen are timeless texts, relying on wit, rhyme and humor to convey their ire and annoyance at their fellow man.

Others, like this one, rely on transient pop culture references to do so – and, as a result, become historical artifacts over time.

While we may understand this note today, a few short years down the line, it won’t make any sense to anyone.

We hope that by then, the offending car would have been moved.

Nice… Flag

Living in the modern world means meeting and living next to people from different nationalities and radically different walks of life.

This often offers us opportunities to learn and grow as human beings, but sometimes, it means being exposed to things you’d rather not see – and that’s just the price we have to pay when we live in an open and accepting society, and have German neighbors!

Toilet Burglar

This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered an angry note by a neighbor who’s had their Amazon package stolen – but we do have to wonder; who orders 30 rolls of toilet paper from the internet? 

We feel like there’s another side to this story that we’re not seeing, and that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

That being said, guys. Come on. Stop stealing your neighbors’ Amazon packages. That’s not a cool thing to do.

Move to the Suburbs

Sadly, we’re pretty sure we’ve all had neighbors like these; loud fights, every night, with things that are better off never having been said finding their way into the homes of dozens of people living nearby.

What goes on between couples is their own personal business, but when your relationship wakes an entire building up at 2 AM on the regular, it might be time to start thinking about moving to the suburbs.

Young & Impressionable

Sometimes, despite living in the same area, people have very different values – and sometimes, those values can clash, especially when it comes to religion and children.

What could the so-called “Godless” activities these neighbors are referring to possibly be, though? Are there dark, cultish ceremonies? Chanting? Animal sacrifice?

Or maybe they’re just talking about that horrible “rock and roll” music young people seem to like so much?

The Zookeeper Upstairs

Loud noises from upstairs neighbors seemingly have a lot of explanations – but none of them are particularly likely or make any sense.

Of course, why would loud stomping noises in the middle of the night make sense?

At least this downstairs neighbor had a sense of humor about it – and the upstairs elephant tamer wrote a fittingly humorous reply in the strategically placed word bubble.

Call an Audible

Sting and the Police have definitely managed to earn their place in music history – and the mere mention of their song, “Every Breath You Take,” is enough to get you humming it all day (sorry!).

So, considering what an earworm it is, we’d say that using it to complain about noise from upstairs is both clever – and cruel.

Now be quiet, before I call the Police.

Captive Audience

It seems like the people on the terrace had a captive audience of 115 windows, and that their balcony was the focal point of a night that won’t soon be forgotten.

While we, personally, respect their choice of songs to karaoke to, we can appreciate why it might be a bit much at those hours of the night – although The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” is a pretty great song to listen to, in our opinion, at any time and in any version.

Award-Winning Note

This letter starts out friendly and sympathetic enough, but soon takes an unexpected turn and brings up curses and black magic – not to mention the word “fortnight!” – in its dealing with this Shockoe Bottom resident’s car alarm trouble.

If there’s anything Sleeping Beauty has taught us about curses, it’s that they’re not to be taken lightly, no matter how petty they may seem – so we’d suggest the car owner look into this ASAP.

Flower Destruction

Apparently, creepy garden gnomes weren’t enough to keep these flower thieves away. We guess this is a really small town, if the mayor gets notified about this kind of thing?

Seriously, though – if this garden’s flowers regularly get picked, they’re either really, really nice flowers, or extremely unpleasant ones.

Laundry Etiquette

Sharing a living space with people, even if that space is just the laundry room, can be difficult.

Sometimes, people can be selfish and inconsiderate, and you may feel like you have to do something to make sure you or your property won’t be disrespected again.

It seems like the person in 301 found a fitting way to return the favor to whomever it was that took their laundry out before it was done. At least they owned up!

DJ Lessons

It seems the person in Apartment #3902 has recently taken to practicing work as a DJ, and that their hard house records have been working overtime.

Luckily for them, their neighbor is actually a pretty savvy DJ themselves, and, upon hearing their efforts, decided to write a fairly long letter with tips, lessons and pitfalls to avoid for the amateur DJ.

Honestly, we would never have had the patience to write something that long. We would have probably just given them an Amazon link to a pair of decent headphones.

Unwelcome Visitors

It seems like this neighbor had a bunch of friends over on Saturday night, and that their apparently loud conversation veered into topics the writer of this note was not happy about at all.

Still, to be incited to write something this strongly phrased, the conversation these guys had must have been really something.

Are You Being Sarcastic?

“To the unit undergoing renovations, you know who you are,” this letter starts, cordially enough.

It goes on to take passive agrressiveness to a whole new level.

You’re Being Watched

Sure, we’ve all had lazy days where we neglected to do our chores – but when it infringes on public space it’s time to take a good, long, hard look at yourself and take some action.

And if you won’t take that good, long, hard look – your neighbors definitely will. At least, they will if you live in apartment 1460.

Look, Bob!

Some neighbors feel like they’re entitled not just to their own private property looking the way they’d like it to look, but also the property of others.

It seems like these neighbors were pestering this home owner to paint their fence, because it didn’t meet their exacting standards. 

Guys, you’re certainly entitled to a clean and tidy street – but you can’t go around telling people how to keep their own homes!


Back in the old days, people would keep their toilets in small structures outside of the home, appropriately called “outhouses.”

Since then, there have been many advances in toilet technology, including the invention of a radical new system called “indoor plumbing.”

“Indoor plumbing” allows people to use toilets within their own home, without their waste turning into an olfactory nuisance. 

Apparently, the person living in this building has yet to adopt this new tech, but we’re sure that once they will, their lives will be infinitely better off for it.

Jealous Much?

Being a good neighbor means you have to be friendly to those living next to you – but sometimes, it means not being too friendly. 

Take these neighbors, for instance.

It seems the lady of the house this was left in was being both too friendly – and not friendly enough.

The result? One seriously ticked off wife, who is willing to face off about this if need be.

We guess more than one boundary between neighbors was crossed here!

Extra Cheese

Why Eric might have been placing cheese on their roof in the first place may remain a mystery forever.

Alan, Keeper of the Laundry Room

Yes, asking people to take you into consideration when they do their laundry is entirely acceptable – but outright telling them they can’t use the laundry products they know and love just because you find their olfactory properties offensive?

That’s a bit much — and you seem to know it, by the way you’ve decided to sign off on your letter. So very kind to offer them a reimbursement on their laundry products, though!


Sometimes, you have such a raucous party in your apartment, that you may feel the need to preemptively apologize for it, before anyone even brings it up.

This seems to be what happened in the case of the residents of 4B – but their apology soon turns from defense to offense – and makes some pretty bold claims about the patriotism of the rest of the building’s inhabitants.

Seems like a strategy and tactics their friend might have brought back over from his tour of duty!

You Shouldn’t Have! No, Really!

You know, some things that used to be acceptable once are simply unacceptable today.

These include smoking in airplanes, throwing banana peels on the sidewalk, and, yes – not picking up after your dog.

And while we’re very appreciative of the time this neighbor took to mark out the offending object the intended recipient’s dog left behind, we’re not sure a person thoughtless enough to leave this kind of “present” behind would get the sarcasm.

A Reasonable Explanation

Well, you can only use this excuse so many times. Let’s give Daniel and his wife a free pass.

Check and Mate

Being a good neighbor sometimes means talking to your fellow residents about things that aren’t always comfortable. It’s through discussion and mutual understanding that problems between neighbors are usually resolved – and getting the law involved really should be a last resort. 

We’re not 100 percent sure, but given the context of this sign, we assume someone called the police because they felt like this person’s lawn ornament wasn’t up to the neighborhood standards?

If so – well. We’re dealing with a mastermind here.

Conscious Gamer

If you don’t play video games, you might have trouble grasping this – but stomping your feet and loudly uttering profanities is an integral part of working through a level, especially if the difficulty is set on “high.”

It seems like this isn’t the first time this next-door neighbor has immersed himself in a video game, but that the last time it happened, his neighbors called the police.

Taking care not to alarm them and advising them on equipment that might help them survive the coming weeks is extremely thoughtful, if you ask us.

Kitty Jail

The writer of this note seems, at first, to be very much in the right here.

But then, when you consider what the person who took it to the pound knew, which was simply that there was a stray cat walking around on their lawn, it makes you rethink the whole situation – and when you read the response of the person who did this, letting the cat owner know that the cat they’re referring to as a “she” is actually a “he” – well. The competence and responsibility of the writer are very much thrown into question.

Tit for Tat

Well, apparently someone decided to use the elevator as a toilet – which, when you think about it, is probably the worst shared space anyone could think of to do such a thing.

But as unreasonable as that may be, this strongly worded note is, possibly, even more offensive.

What we find really dumbfounding, though, is that someone read it, and rather than shake their head at the whole thing, took the time to chime in with an “I second that!”

Christmas Spirit

Leaving your holiday lights on into March is one thing, leaving your music on is another.

Mistaken Identity

We think it’s adorable that this husband chose to put a love note on his wife’s car’s windshield at night, so that she could see it when she drives to work the following morning.

But we can almost cry when we think about the unsuspecting person who’s received the note in error and thought, for a moment, that someone out there finally loves them. 

Let’s Be Adults About This

The girl who lives in 346 sounds like one serious customer – and while these neighbors might be older than her, they are definitely not more mature. 

Sure, they may have day jobs and may like to stay up late, but this girl has some serious business to attend to, and if they get in her way, she is going to give them a good talking to, and even call the office if need be!

We would not want to get into trouble with her, no siree.

The Color of Pettiness

You know, there are plenty of things to get into fights with your neighbors over.

Loud music at all hours of the night, strong smells, unkempt lawns and unpleasant noises. 

But going out of your way to get angry about the color of your neighbor’s car? That seems pretty unreasonable to us – so we have to wonder… is there some ulterior motive? Or did the owner of this car just happen to find themselves with the pettiest neighbors in America?

Carly Rae Jepsen Strikes Again

So, using Carly Rae Jepsen’s song, “Call Me Maybe,” as a means to communicate one’s displeasure with one’s neighbors seems to be a pretty common thing.

We can’t explain it and we’re not sure what drives people towards this song specifically to express their dissatisfaction with their neighbor’s behavior, but it works! 

The message gets across, while being both cute and severe.

Have You Heard the Good Word?

Some people go through their entire lives without being approached by Jehovah’s Witnesses – while others seem to have houses that call out to these missionaries, in the hopes of converting their inhabitants.

We don’t know much about Jehovah’s Witnesses and their practices, but we think this sign makes it pretty clear this person isn’t interested in being saved – and that they’d probably be better off going to the next home over.

Then again, this may be exactly the type of person who needs saving!

Upping the Ante

Some people feel like they don’t need to pick up after their dog, even if that dog does its business on other people’s lawns.

While very uncool, usually that kind of behavior goes unpunished.

Not in this case, though. This dog owner chose to mess with the wrong grandparents – and with the wrong grandson. 

Was the surveillance system already in place before the pooping started – or was the system deployed as a result? Either way, these are some hardcore seniors.

Repented Thief

The first step in solving a problem is acknowledging you have one, and taking responsibility for your actions.

And while Andre’s actions are pretty severe, he seems genuinely resentful – not to mention, it takes courage to take responsibility for doing something this serious!

But given the neighbors we’ve seen in other notes in this article, we’d take Andre’s shenanigans over many, many other behaviors we’ve been witness to.

Take care of yourself, Andre – you seem like a good guy.

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