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These Pets Get Fairytale Makeovers Thanks to Artist’s Flower Crowns

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Freya’s Floral Company is a company created by college professor Yarely that offers beautifully crafted flower crowns for both animals and their owners. It all started when Yarely made one for her Australian shepherd Freya – people instantly fell in love with them and that’s when the artist decided to start making them for other dogs to spread the love.

Even though Yarely sometimes uses the same flowers to create her crowns, she says that each one is unique and even offers her customers an option to place a custom order.


Image source: leo.mainecoon


Image source: leo.mainecoon

Even though many pet owners wanted their pets to pose in Yarely’s flower crowns, one of her main models is a cat named Leonidas – an Instagram star from Chicago with over 150k followers.


Image source: freyasfloralco


Image source: leo.mainecoon

Leo modeled many crowns for Freya’s Floral Company and gathered thousands of likes with many people praising the cat for his fashion sense.


Image source: freyasfloralco


Image source: leo.mainecoon

“I knew nothing about making crowns so I just winged it. After posting a photo of Freya in her crown I received a lot of positive feedback,” said Yarely in an interview with Bored Panda. As a Chicana and Spanish speaker, the artist says she draws inspiration from the colors and vibrant energy of Mexico.


Image source: freyasfloralco


When asked how she gets the animals to wear her crowns, Yarely says she recommends bribery – that’s how she trained her dog Freya to wear one.



“Freya is the heart of my business. We joke that she is my quality assurance coworker,” says Yarely. “I test experimental pieces on her to make sure they are sturdy enough to sell. […] She is a great model (when she wants to be). Although I get photos of her, she definitely gives me some sass.”


Image source: freyasfloralco


She revealed that Leo is also a big inspiration when creating the crowns and his owner is a huge source of support for her. “I am proud to announce that Leo has the biggest Freya’s Floral Co. collection and he is a source of inspiration,” says Yarely.



Image source: aussie_freya

“I’ve often seen photos of dogs in flower crowns, so I thought cats could rock them too!” says Jane, the owner of Leo. “Luckily Leo is a very laid back kitty, and lets me put the crowns on his head.”


Image source: freyasfloralco


Jane says that people love seeing Leo in the beautiful flower crowns – and it’s not hard to see why. Check out more pictures of Leo and other animals in the beautiful flower crowns in the gallery below!



Image source: leo.mainecoon





Image source: freyasfloralco




Image source: aussie_freya


Image source: aussie_freya

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