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Father’s Day is almost upon us! There’s still time to run to the department store and pick up another pair of golf socks.


In case he gets a hole in one!

OR… get him something he’ll actually use, and he’ll think you really planned ahead with one of these hot gadgets.

We’ve found special deals for a bunch of these items so you can get the most bang for your buck and wow Dad this Father’s Day!

This TV Hack for Free Channels

If your dad’s into sports, movies or shows, but NOT into expensive cable bills, this is the perfect gift for him. LiveWave is a patented antenna that delivers at least 20 channels completely free, without cable, Netflix or any subscription at all.

Don’t worry, Dad, it’s completely legal! In fact, the law about TV operators is that they have to provide their signal via radio in addition to their regular broadcast methods. All you need is a way to access that, and this handy little antenna does it with very simple installation.

This one keeps selling out but if you can grab one, the shipping is super fast! Check availability here.


This WiFi Hack for Binge Watchers

If Dad’s more of a Netflix guy or just relies on good WiFi (who doesn’t!?) then this device is another sweet option for him. Home internet is notoriously inconsistent and the service providers unbearably unhelpful. You and your dad can agree, this is one of the biggest frustrations when you’re trying to stream a show or just surf the web!

Enter SuperBoost Wi-Fi. All you do is plug in this genius device into any outlet in a room with weak WiFi and you’re done. Like the LiveWave, we almost couldn’t believe this item is even legal. But it is! Check out the story of how an Internet Service Provider employee actually spills the tea on how it works.

This one is also running an amazing Father’s Day deal! Snag it, and if you start getting a lot more Skype calls from Dad, you know who to blame.


This Simple Fix for Being a Pain in His Back

You may have been a pain in his butt, but you can make it up to him by getting rid of the pain in his back. Whether working on his feet or at a desk, hauling you kids around for years is sure to cause some back problems. If so, spoil your dad with this simple fix.

Featured on Kickstarter and Shark Tank, the BetterBack turns any seat into an ergonomic chair and has been proven to get rid of back pain in just 15 minutes a day. Check it out!


This Portable Air Conditioner to Keep His Cool Anywhere

Summer’s coming so you know a gift that will get used right away is this mini air conditioner. Just add water! Seriously – that is all you do, and plug it into a USB port. Boom! Instant cool.

The AirCool 24 is ultra tiny, ultra quiet and ultra effective. The makers planned to do a big promo for summer so get it while it’s on sale!


This Instant Translator that Lets Him Tell Dad Jokes in 40 Languages

Does your dad like to travel? Want to learn a new language? This simple personal translator will take the stress out of navigating a foreign country so he can easily get around, order what he wants, find the bibliothèque and more!

The seriously cool two-way translation makes it easy to start a conversation with anybody. No guarantee dad jokes will be any funnier in Bulgarian.

The MUAMA Enance just launched a 50% off deal so get on it!


BONUS! This Drone, Because You’re Never Too Old to Play with Toys this Cool

There are a lot of drones on the market, and it can be hard to narrow down the right one. We love the DroneX Pro because it is the perfect balance of professional features at a hobbyist price point.

Use the included remote for finely-tuned control and the mobile app to view real-time footage from the ultra wide angle camera. They always have amazing deals if you order more than one, so grab some for other dads and grads – and let’s face it – you need one for yourself.

On top of that there’s a limited time free shipping deal going at the time of this writing, for a limited time!

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