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Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Double Take

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Sri Lanka’s Jon Snow

Sri Lanka's Jon Snow
Jon Snow has another replacement. This one is from Sri Lanka. Gosh, look at that hair! So luxurious. We would definitely not mind seeing this guy taking on the throne of Westeros and defending the Wall against the North. Winter may be coming, but things are getting hot in here.

India’s Zayn Malik

India's Zayn Malik
X-factor exposed the world to the great talent of Zayn Malik, a British singer and songwriter. But India didn’t need an X-factor to find one of their own. World, meet Mudit Lunia, a college student from Calcutta. Does Mudit know he looks like Zayn? “Every now and then I get to hear from people that I look like Zayn Malik and to be honest it feels good because he’s such a talented guy… not to forget the hottest-looking 1D member!” a grinning Mudit told Telegraph India.

Mexican Morgan Freeman

Mexican Morgan Freeman-Taco Seller
Maybe Morgan Freeman is busy with making a blockbuster in Hollywood, but if you go to Mexico, maybe you can find this Freeman double to make you some tacos. The resemblance here is truly alarming, but one thing this photo can’t tell us is if his tacos taste as good as Morgan Freeman’s voice sounds. If they taste even half as great – we’re taking our vacation days right now and heading out to find this guy! NEXT PAGE
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