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Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Double Take

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India’s Jack Sparrow

India's Jack Sparrow
Johnny Depp seems to have a lot of doppelgangers – but his character in Pirates of the Caribbean has one as well. Meet Indian Jack Sparrow. The headband, the facial hair, and, most importantly, the look in his eyes, all converge to create an unlikely portrait of a certain fictional Caribbean pirate… and we’re loving it.

The Russian-Male Version of Mila Jovovich

The Russian-Male Version of Mila Jovovich
Russia is a country with a lot of celebrity look-alikes, but this one is maybe the strangest one. Meet the male version of the beautiful Milla Jovovich. Resident Evil just got a male backup, in case anything should happen to the long running film series’ star. And yet, there may be some connection here, after all: Jovovich was born in Kiev, Ukraine – which, while not Russia, isn’t very far from it. So it does make sense, on some level!

Lady Gaga’s Teenage Twin

Lady Gaga's Teenage Twin
“So, the other day I counted how many Lady Gaga comments I’ve gotten because I always joke that if I had a dollar for every time someone had called me that I’d be rich and it was 677.” Meet Amethyst Rose, a cool, gothy teenager from California. She looks a lot like Mother Monster, despite the two having no family ties or connections. Still, her resemblance to the pop diva has helped launch her into fame of her own, and today, her social media accounts boast tens of thousands of followers. NEXT PAGE
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