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Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Double Take

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Gigi’s Danish Twin Model

Gigi's Danish Twin Model
Dutch model and blogger Iza IJzerman has a lot of similarity to supermodel Gigi Hadid, which is probably helpful in the modelling business. When she signed with MILK modelling agency, they posted a picture with the text “The new curvy Gigi Hadid”. We guess it doesn’t hurt to be compared to one of the modeling industry’s most successful individuals – but we also have to wonder, with that kind of comparison being made, will she be able to outgrow the Gigi comparisons? We hope so!

Queen Bey’s Duplicate

Queen Bey's Duplicate
Brittany Williams has so much resemblance to Queen Bey, that once she was even chased down by a group of girls who wanted her to sing “Single Ladies” for them. Beyonce Knowles is one of the world’s most fierce, talented and impressive individuals – not to mention successful – so we wouldn’t mind switching places with Brittany for a day or two. Still that comparison is a lot to live up to!

The German Ryan Gosling

The German Ryan Gosling
Johannes Laschet is a law student at University of Bonn, a son of a German politician, and Ryan Gosling doppelganger. People started making the comparison to Gosling in 2005, while Johannes was studying in the USA for a year. Johannes finds all of this “a little exhausting and sometimes it’s just too much” – which is probably the most German response to being compared to one of the world’s sexiest men! NEXT PAGE
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