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Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Double Take

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George Clooney from Turkey

George Clooney from Turkey
If you go on vacation in Turkey, don’t be surprised if you see George Clooney. Well.. not the real George Clooney… but the next best thing. The original Clooney may be in living it up with Amal at their Italian mansion on the banks of Lake Como, but you can always take a selfie with his Turkish doppelgänger and tell your friends it’s actually the ER superstar. No one will know the difference – and we promise not to tell!

The Asian Brad Pitt

The Asian Brad Pitt
When you’re very rich and famous, you can afford strange hobbies. For instance, when you’re Brad Pitt, you can afford to hire a man that looks exactly like you to paint your own house. Why would you do that? What possible reason could motivate you to do such a thing? These questions are best left unanswered. And also, we just made that up – Brad Pitt, as far as we know, did no such thing. This man looks a whole lot like him, though.

The Barack Obama From Indonesia

Check Out Barack Obama From Indonesia
When the original place of birth of former US president Barak Obama was contested, the nefarious rumors created a conspiracy theory. Well, we know for a fact that the person in this photo was actually born in Indonesia – and still lives there. Which isn’t a problem, because his name is actually Ilham Anas. He’s an Indonesian photographer, and his uncanny resemblance to the former US president has actually helped him earn a living as a professional impersonator! NEXT PAGE
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