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Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Double Take

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Spot the Difference: Kim Kardashian

Spot the Difference: Kim Kardashian Style
If you want to look like Kim, you need to put in a lot of work. There is a whole lot of work on your eyebrows, famous contouring, and sometimes, a little help from a surgeon. Jelena Peric, the make-up artist and model in this photo, definitely knows what she’d doing: her Instagram followers – over 1.1 million! – have taken to commenting things like “the new Kim Kardashian!” on her photos – and we have to agree!

Japan’s Johnny Depp

Japan's Johnny Depp
American Celebrities are a big thing in the Land of the Rising Sun. But since celebrities often have a tight schedule, and Japan is also a land far away from America, they have their own “copies.” Here is Johnny Depp’s. Is it an exact replica? No – no it isn’t. But like many Japanese versions of American things, it is probably better in more ways than one – and cuter, too!

The Bradley Cooper of India

The Bradley Cooper of India
Hollywood and Bollywood are the biggest film industries in the world. If Hollywood is blessed with Bradley Cooper, we don’t see a reason Bollywood shouldn’t have one, too. The actor in the photo is called Hrithik Roshan, and he is one of India’s most popular – and highest paid – actors. He is the son of legendary film director Rakesh Roshan, and has starred in several of his films. His estimated brand value is $34.1 million – that’s US dollars – so really, who’s to say Bradley Cooper isn’t his double? NEXT PAGE
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