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Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Double Take

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Nicolas Cage From India

Nicolas Cage From India
Maybe this Nicolas Cage doppelgänger is not a member of a Bollywood production, but we think that he is popular nonetheless. Then again, Nick Cage is known for his antics – who’s to say it’s not actually the American actor in disguise? It wouldn’t be the strangest thing he’s done, that’s for sure! With so many people living in India, it’s no surprise that so many celebrity doubles are photographed there. There must be some sort of business opportunity hidden here, somewhere!

Asia’s Own Mark Wahlberg

Asia’s Own Mark Wahlberg
Before he became popular as an actor, Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg started out with boy band New Kids on the Block when he was just 13. Later, he moved on to model, famously showing off his muscular physique in a series of Calvin Klein ads. Only after that did he become the Hollywood star that he is today. All in all, Marky Mark is a pretty talented guy! We can see that the Asian version of Wahlberg has muscles. We are not sure about his other talents, though.

Korea’s Danny De Vito

Korea's Danny De Vito
We already saw that Brazil has a Deni De Vito’s double, but Korea has one of their own as well. So, your chance to meet a De Vito doppelganger just doubled – or tripled, if you’re willing to settle on the original De Vito, too. The way Danny De Vito-ness transcends ethnic backgrounds, language and geographical barriers truly is a beautiful thing to see. You can never truly know where a Danny De Vito might manifest next, but we’re glad it’s a global phenomenon. NEXT PAGE
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