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Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Double Take

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India’s Jeff Goldblum

India's Jeff Goldblum
The Jurassic Park star has been nominated for an Oscar and an Emmy, but his Indian doppelganger can easily get an Oscar for Best Celebrity Look Alike. They say that you don’t want to have too much of a good thing – but we can’t imagine any way in which the world can have “too much” of Jeff Goldblum, so really, the only thing this photo does for us is fill us with pure, joyful ecstasy.

Vietnam’s George W. Bush

Vietnam's George W. Bush
Knowing about the infamous history between Vietnam and the United States, maybe it will come as a shock when you see this guy, but don’t worry. George W. Bush is still back Stateside. This guy is simply his Vietnamese doppelganger. To be fair, it seems like today, there aren’t too many hard feelings between Vietnam and the States, so we wouldn’t be too worried about this guy’s popularity back home – but we guess there are other politicians it’s better to be similar to!

Russia’s Own Leonardo DiCaprio

Russia’s Own Leonardo DiCaprio
Roman Burtsev bears an uncanny resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio – something which he hasn’t failed to capitalize on. He put his fame to work by starring in a reality TV show in which he is being transformed into the Hollywood star, by getting fit and even recreating some of Leonardo’s most famous movie moments. His Instagram feed is full of photos of him recreating cinematic moments from Leo’s career, and while it’s easy to tell them apart, we can’t deny they are still pretty similar! NEXT PAGE
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