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Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Double Take

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Canada’s Angelina Jolie

Canada's Angelina Jolie
People started noticing Veronika Black’s resemblance to Angelina Jolie after she had lip injections in 2012. Veronika Black works as a model, and currently lives in Dubai. Does she mind her constant comparison to Jolie? On the one hand, she says, of course it’s flattering. But on the other, she says it’s actually a problem for her love life, because men tend to be intimidated by her beauty!

Bodybuilding Jenny From the Block

Bodybuilding Jenny From the Block
You will have to scroll down Janice Garay’s Instagram profile just to make sure it’s not Jenny from the block. This bodybuilder from Huston, Texas has 147,000 followers and lot of them think that she is extremely similar to the famous star – and so do we! This buff beauty really does look a lot like JLo – and her Instagram account, which boasts over 200K followers, stands as testimony to both women’s popularity and success!

Hungarian’s Harry Styles

Hungarian's Harry Styles
There is more than one Harry Styles look alike. Teenagers all around the world are… styling themselves to look like their famous idols, so it’s not a big surprise that you can find one in every country. Here is Hungarian Harry. The One Direction star is one of the most popular cultural icons working in the world today, so looking like him is definitely a perk when you’re a teen – although we’re sure Hungarian Harry can get tired of it sometimes, too. NEXT PAGE
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