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Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Double Take

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Sweden’s Johnny Depp

Sweden's Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp once said that he has Stockholm syndrome, obviously talking about his relationships with beautiful Swedish girls. He certainly didn’t mean that as a reference to his doppelganger – and yet, here we are, with an almost perfect copy of the Hollywood star and pirate icon. How this came to be – we may never know, but personally, here, we suspect Sweden may be running a secret celebrity cloning operation.

Japanese Bruce Wills

Japanese Bruce Wills
The Land of the Rising Sun has provided us with another celebrity lookalike! When you think “Bruce Willis lookalike,” your thoughts don’t necessarily first turn to Japan – we mean, most people in Japan have somewhat different facial features than those of the Die Hard action star – and yet, here we are. There’s no denying it, this guy definitely looks like he could have just crawled barefoot through Nakatomi Plaza’s broken glass and singlehandedly resolved a complex hostage situation.

Demi Lovato From Canada

Demi Lovato From Canada
Demi Lovato is an American singer, songwriter and actress. So it’s not strange that a lot of young girls want to be like her – or even look like her. It even makes a lot of sense. Demi first rose to prominence as a child, acting in the popular Barney & Friends television show, which many children grew up watching – and wishing they were able to take part in. So despite hr young age, Demi has been with us for very long, and influencing us right from the start! NEXT PAGE
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