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Unbelievable Ways Your Favorite Celebrities Got Their Start

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Alexis Bledel

If you’ve seen Alexis Bledel on Gilmore Girls, you’d never guess she used to be a shy young girl. Her mother wanted to help her gain confidence and placed her in a community theater, where she appeared in local productions. Eventually, she began modeling and finally landed her long-running role as Rory.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher has had a number of jobs over the years and is still trying out new gigs today as an entrepreneur and investor. Back in college, he paid his way by working on a farm, as a carpenter, and other manual labor. Perhaps in hopes of a cash prize, Ashton entered a modeling competition. His heartthrob good looks won him the top prize, which dovetailed into a modeling career with brands like Versace and Calvin Klein, and later an acting gig starring on the series That 70s Show, and comedies like Dude, Where’s My Car and My Boss’s Daughter.

Pamela Anderson

Well known as a Playboy Playmate, TV star, and animal rights activist, Pamela Anderson actually had much more ordinary ambitions. She graduated college and planned to become a fitness instructor, but the natural-born star was discovered by accident at a football game. The jumbotron panned over the crowd, stopping on the young Pamela, who was sporting a Labatt Blue beer t-shirt. The crowd went wild for her, and so did Labatt, who signed her as the face of their next ad campaign. She went on to star in TV shows like Baywatch and Home Improvement as well as several films.

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