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Unbelievable Ways Your Favorite Celebrities Got Their Start

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Hulk Hogen

Terry Gene Bollea wasn’t always the Hulk. He was a bass player in a band and, while on stage, made an impression on some wrestlers. His showmanship and large frame seemed a perfect fit for the sport, so they approached him and convinced him to train with them. Along with wrestling, Hulk landed a lively movie career.

Channing Tatum

Before starring in the Hollywood hit Magic Mike, actor Channing Tatum did some serious character research. He was a real life stripper at the age of 18. While living in Miami, he was scouted by a modeling agency who got him plenty of exposure with brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap, American Eagle and more. He went on to become a backup dancer and finally the movie star we know today.

Sarah Michell Gellar

One of the youngest celebrities to kick off her career, Sarah Michell Gellar certainly had no inkling of her stardom when she got her start at the age of four. Sarah and her mother were having lunch when they were approached by a casting agent, who encouraged her mom to bring little Sarah for an audition. That first gig was a Burger King commercial, but it led to a brilliant acting career.

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