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Unbelievable Ways Your Favorite Celebrities Got Their Start

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Burt Reynolds

Another football star-turned actor was Burt Reynolds. He played in high school and at Florida State before getting injured as a college sophomore. Luckily, one of his professors inspired him to a new career path in acting.

Charlize Theron

Unlike many on this list, Charlize Theron actually did want to become famous. She was modeling in New York but decided to try to make it big in Hollywood. Money was tight, and while attempting to cash an out of state check, she was rejected by the bank teller. Her luck seemed to be running out, but for the helpful man who came to her aid. He was a talent agent who got her into formal training and launched her acting career. Charlize went on to win an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, and doesn’t have to stress about cashing paychecks anymore!

Kate Moss

Another accidental supermodel, Kate Moss was traveling with her dad when she caught the eye of some model agency reps. Surely the teen was embarrassed at her father arguing loudly with the gate attendant, but it turned out to be her big break. The scouts glanced over at the commotion and rushed over to introduce themselves.

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