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Welcome Home! These Airport Greeting Signs will Make You LOL

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You’ve seen it in movies time and time again. A weary traveler lands at an airport after a long flight. Relieved to be off the jet, they are so ready to get home. Maybe they’re expecting the familiar face of a loved one to pick them up, or maybe it’s a surprise. But either way, they are overcome with joy when they spot their partner, friend or family waiting for them. Often, they are waiting with giant homemade airport signs.

A welcome like that can just melt away the exhaustion of a long trip. The days, weeks or months of missing that person are suddenly forgotten.

Or, back in the real world, it can make you want to jump right on that plane.

Some families and friends just like to show their love a little differently. Who doesn’t love a little good-natured ribbing? See some of the most hilarious, embarrassing and cringe-worthy airport signs that will make you laugh out loud!

“Orphanz” in Need of Parents

The second your kids are out of the house, it’s time to go on a well-earned vacation! Or, if the adult children still live at home, the parents probably need a trip even more.

If your parents are off jet-setting around the world and leave you behind, you gotta give them a little bit of grief. Show up at the airport to recruit some new loving parents.

Based on the fact that all three kids showed up, we’re pretty sure they aren’t really orphans. Their parents are probably pretty wonderful, and they were certainly missed!


Imagine you’ve just gotten off a long flight. Onboard, you met a nice girl and you’ve been chatting all the way to the arrivals hall. Time to ask for her number. Just as she’s about to give it to you, you see someone familiar.

Oh good, my sister is here to pick me up, you think. That’s when she spots you, and triumphantly raises her arms with this glorious sign. That’s when you realize there’s no way you’re getting that number.

We have no idea if the person this sign was for really just completed rehab or not. If so, the sign might be a little insensitive, but if not, it is really quite epic.

Meeting Mini-Me

This military wife has a great sense of humor and is a poet to boot! Her hubby couldn’t fly back for his child’s birth, so he’s probably doubly excited to see her, and meet him.

This adorable mama pokes fun at herself with the most heartwarming of airport signs.

A Perfect Description

They say friends are those who know you well, but still like you. Those who can be perfectly honest with you. Those who feel no need to be “nice.”

When this woman was drafting potential airport signs, she decided to go with a detailed description. I’m here for the noisy pale faced lady!

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