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Welcome Home! These Airport Greeting Signs will Make You LOL

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Laundry Time

If anyone truly deserves a vacation, it’s a mom. They balance a lot, between jobs, parenting, cooking and more, so it can be hard to find time for themselves. This lucky mom got away for a few days to relax.

That’s over now.

These kids and their dad are (hopefully) joking about all the responsibilities that fall on mom’s shoulders. Yup, while you were away, laundry and hygiene were thrown right out the window! We did, however, find time to make this adorable sign with very impressive illustrations.

It’s a heartwarming and cute way to say, we missed you, and we need you!


Following in the same vein, this not-so-young child needs his parents’ love and care too! He shows up at the airport in his penguin onesie, announcing that he’s out of food. At least, the food he knows how to cook.

Airport signs can be a hilarious way to say, I missed you. And your money.

First Meetings

Who wouldn’t want to be greeted at the airport by adorable little Harper?

That highly depends on whether the dad was aware of young Harper’s existence. This could be another military man coming home to his child for the first time. Or, it could be a confused baby daddy who thought he was coming to visit his girlfriend. Either way, we’re pretty sure there were tears in his eyes.


Once again, it’s unclear from this picture whether the sign is meant in truth or in jest. Maybe the family had trouble accepting their son after he came out. Maybe they were always cool with it, but this is their first time seeing him since he let them know who he really is. Or maybe they are just making fun of their straight son, which would be decidedly un-funny.

We are going to go ahead and assume the best. This guy’s dad is welcoming him home and accepting him for who he is. And, he’s not afraid to write it loud and proud on airport signs for all to see!

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