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Welcome Home! These Airport Greeting Signs will Make You LOL

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Somebody’s been missing her man, or, at least missing his money! This creative girl actually went to a lot of effort on her poster, printing a photo and using stencils. It turns out pretty funny and cute.

More airport signs should really make use of photos so us bystanders can tell exactly who her sugar daddy is.

Sending a Brother to do a Sister’s Job

A gentleman is traveling to meet up with his pregnant girlfriend. Perhaps he’s been away for the weekend, or for months. He was probably looking forward to seeing his partner at the airport.

Instead, he sees this dude in a Boy Scouts hoodie with a hand-scrawled sign. A dude who’s looking for the “Guy who knocked up my sister.”

If there is anyone who knows how to embarrass you, it’s your sibling. This brother makes fun of his sister and her partner at once with one silly sign. What can we say, that’s what siblings are for.

It’s the Thought That Counts

When travelers see some of these airport signs, perhaps they wish people couldn’t read them. In this case, they can’t. This adorable little girl decided to create her own greeting for her traveling loved ones.

She has everyone fooled with her sweet and innocent appearance, but we like to think this little girl has a pretty savage burn scrawled on that sign.

High Expectations

Most airport signs express unbridled excitement and happiness. After a long wait, you finally get to see your friend!

This guy kept his expectations in check. He sets the bar low. He just wanted her to survive. We can’t help but wonder where this girl has been!

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