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Welcome Home! These Airport Greeting Signs will Make You LOL

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Love is Genderless

Is this son picking his dad up at the airport, and trying to embarrass him by insinuating he is trans?

Did his mother actually just transition and he’s unsure what to call her now?

Either way, writing it on a sign probably did the trick of embarrassing the parent. But hopefully the whole family can agree, gender identity is nothing to be ashamed of!

Context is Everything

If context is everything, we got nothin’. Hopefully she is picking someone up from the airport, not from jail.

All We Want For Christmas

“There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays,” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” This cute sign welcomes home some friends or family that these two have been missing, and it is sweet that they get to reunite.

They still keep it a little salty. This ‘wanted’ sign uses some goofy ‘mug shots’ that don’t exactly put the visitors in the most positive light. Can’t let them think you missed them too much.

Go Back to Cali!

Poor Jody. She just arrived for a visit back home after moving to California, or finished a vacation there. When she lands, she scans the crowd for a friendly face, but instead she sees her annoying little brother, who’s been enjoying her absence.

We just hope it’s a joke, otherwise, as airport signs go, this ones a bit too savage.

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