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Welcome Home! These Airport Greeting Signs will Make You LOL

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Engagement Between Friends

What could be more romantic than coming home to a marriage proposal? “Tom, Will U Marry Me?”

Sure Kevin, but you’re gonna have to step up your game a bit. Flip flops and shorts? A baseball cap? No flowers? No ring?

We’re guessing this guy is just trying to embarrass Tom in a very public place, but who knows!

Almost – but Not Quite

Now here’s a family with a real sense of humor.

The dad and the son’s signs, when seen together, make a lovely welcome home for mom. Then, in steps Cyndi. Add the context of her sign in the middle, and we get a completely different message.

We really like to imagine that this cute little girl thought of and pulled off this idea on her own accord.

Trying His Luck

You know, it’s not just families and friends that hold up airport signs. There are also the professional drivers waiting to pick guests up. And that situation of scanning the crowd, looking for a sign carrying your name, held by a stranger, can be pretty intense.

So this guy, who has come to the airport with a play on that, probably made quite a few people smile.

We do hope he was really there to pick up someone he knew and wasn’t actually trying to pick random Italian girls up straight after a flight, though!

Embarrassing Parents

You just got off of your long, 12-hour flight. You’re tired and sore, and all you want to do is take a shower and go to sleep.

So when your friends wait for you holding up a huge sign of your face, with the most embarrassing expression imaginable plastered on it, and another sign letting everyone know what your embarrassing pet name is – well, that kind of greeting is probably not high on your priority list.

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