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Welcome Home! These Airport Greeting Signs will Make You LOL

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Potty Humor

As airport signs go, this one seems pretty suspicious – especially if you don’t know what imodium is. 

If you do know what it is, it quickly turns from being suspicious to hilariously embarrassing.

Imodium, you see is a brand of medicine that’s used to treat people with chronic diarrhea. Does Sarah suffer from chronic diarrhea? We doubt it. What she definitely does suffer from, though, is friends or family with a pretty vicious sense of humor.

Getting Distracted

Listen. Coming up with cute, funny or entertaining text isn’t always easy. And when you’re trying to come up with something witty to write and you keep being distracted, well, that makes it even more difficult.

So we salute the writer of this sign who not only managed to acknowledge the challenges of writer’s block – but also managed to use them to make one of the cutest airport signs!

Relationship Goals

You and your partner have been celebrating National Margarita Day for a while now. Many years counting, in fact. But this year, your flight was delayed, and you thought you wouldn’t be able to make it to your annual tradition.

Well, fear not. Your husband is an incredibly sweet and thoughtful man, and even though you’ve landed pretty close to midnight, he wouldn’t let you pass up on your annual drink – so he brought the margarita stand to you.

What can we say? Relationship goals.

Latin Lover

You were off on a business trip to Latin America, and left your adoring husband behind. He, on his part, liked to joke that you would find a Latin lover on your trip – so when you finally returned home, he decided to take the joke further and assumed you’ve become pregnant from your fictional lover.

Well, even within the framework of this fictional tragedy, he still loves you, and is still committed – and is willing to write a sign to show that and hold it up at the airport for you!

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