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Welcome Home! These Airport Greeting Signs will Make You LOL

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The McGregor Clan

The McGregor clan is one of the proudest in Scotland – so when Douglas landed at his destination, he brother couldn’t give up the opportunity to write his full, epic sounding name out on a card and hold it up.

Sure, it may sound like something out of a fantasy novel, but being part of the McGregor clan is no laughing matter.

Well, maybe a little.

Hot Gravy

We’ve called our partners all sorts of names and used all sorts of terms of endearment. “Honey,” “sugar” and “babe” are all quite common, but some couples have their own standards – and this couple, apparently, uses “Hot Gravy.”

What can we say? We really love hot gravy, so this actually works out pretty well for us. We think we might start using this as well!

Maybe not on airport signs, though.

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