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Expectation Vs. Reality: Adventures in Online Shopping

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Online shopping is a great opportunity to buy interesting stuff from all around the world with just a touch of a screen or a click of the mouse. It is convenient, and sometimes much cheaper, but it can also go very wrong – as scams often happen. If you have a good sense of humor, it’s a great story to share with your friends. Here are some of the funniest shopping fails out there.

Face that Says it All

She wanted the dress of a princess – sparkly and beautiful. She did get a sparkly dress. Was it a princess’? You can be the judge of that. She obviously wouldn’t buy anymore dresses online.

Dress to Impress

This guy just wanted a loose tank top for his gym sessions. What he probably didn’t want was a tight mini-dress, but that is exactly what he got by ordering this tank top online. It is probably too tight to exercise in.

Perfect Fit

The Senior Prom is a very important night in every girl’s life. After months of studying, finding a prom date, the only thing that you need for a perfect night is a perfect dress, or at least one that would fit you perfectly. Order online for a great effect.

Confused Cat

Maybe cats aren’t as good at expressing feelings as dogs, but this cat was obviously not impressed with the gift it got. Kitty is trying to decide whether to climb on top of it or use it as a chewing toy.

Xbox Game Scam

This guy spent some extra money during his Christmas season, and ordered an Xboxone for $750 on eBay. He was probably very surprised when, instead of the game console, he got a picture of it. Luckily, PayPal refunded his money, and eBay sent him a free Xbox One console. Eventually, the guy had a pretty good Christmas.

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