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Expectation Vs. Reality: Adventures in Online Shopping

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Shhh it’s a Surprise!

It is pretty stressful to organize a surprise party for someone you love. Keeping it a secret from that person can be really difficult, especially if that person is your mother and you live with her. This girl tried her best to keep the party a secret and even attached a message to the company from which she ordered a gift, asking them to put the order in a box that would not look jubilantly obvious. It definitely didn’t look jubilant, but it did look painfully obvious.

Too Tight Toe Tights

This guy really wanted to be Catwoman for Halloween, so he ordered black tights online. The tights he got were more suitable for a cat than for someone who wants to dress up as a cat. At least his toes look adorable.

Purple Tent

When you have an important event coming up, like your sister’s wedding, and you plan to order a dress online, maybe it’s not so bad to have plan B. Going shopping can be difficult if you have a busy schedule, but good organization is necessary if you don’t want to end up wearing a pretty expensive purple tent on the wedding day.

Looks the Same to Me

This girl wanted to surprise her boyfriend, who loves Golden Retrievers, with a bouquet. She wasn’t quite satisfied. Hopefully, her boyfriend also loves melted and squished looking breed of dogs.

I Don’t See the Difference

It is one of the most popular gifts these days. Once a hot beverage is poured inside, this mug comes to life, and changes its colors and pictures. Or, it just shows the picture of the advert on it.

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