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Expectation Vs. Reality: Adventures in Online Shopping

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Autocorrect Fail

At one point or another, we’ve all been victims of autocorrect. But sometimes it can go from bad to worse. Like in this case, where a lady ordered a cake for her beautiful blonde girl, for her birthday. Autocorrect said “blind” instead of “blonde”. The bakery did as it said and the lady received a birthday cake with a blind girl on top.

Children’s Kitchen

Tiny cooking sets can be a lot of fun for future chefs. They have an important place in children’s kitchens. However, this guy doesn’t have a children’s kitchen. Probably doesn’t even have children. What he probably does have is an adult size kitchen with no matching adult size cooking set.

Kitty Kitty Here’s Your New Bag

It wasn’t this lady’s intention to buy her cat a new bag. But since she didn’t check the size of the bag when she put in her order on eBay, her cat is now the proud owner of one branded Converse rucksack. Her grandson, on the other hand, is probably still looking for his new backpack.

Cat Ring

It is still a cat ring, if you only twist your head 90 degrees to the left to be able to see it right. The ring looks like the Facebook logo as well. Two images for the price of one is actually a good deal.

Festival Size Tent

The man thought he beat the system, when he bought a 2-person child’s tent for a much lower price than a single adult size tent. The system was obviously not beaten, but at least he didn’t occupy a lot of space at the music festival.

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