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Expectation Vs. Reality: Adventures in Online Shopping

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Wedding Dress? Not Even Close

It’s one thing to try to get a good deal on a dress online, but when it comes to a wedding dress, you shouldn’t take that risk. One of the reasons not to buy such an important dress online is that you could end up like this girl, really unhappy, she thought that she would get married in a beautiful wedding dress, only to discover that she overpaid for a really cheap version of that dress.

Blanket with Holes

You cannot blame this guy for wanting to be fashionable. The model in the picture can really fool someone into buying something that’s nice and warm and so modern. In reality, it’s just an overpaid rectangular fabric with two holes cut out for arms.

Beach Time

When a 16-year old girl purchased this crochet top, she didn’t realize how small it was. So her mom dressed her cat with it to make a point, and sent it to be reviewed on Amazon. Among other stuff she wrote:”To be fair, it does cover all of the cat’s nipples.”

Car Size Rug

Carpets are important items to make a house feel like a home. This couple thought so too. The only thing that could have alerted them was that the price was too good to be true. Unfortunately, they discovered it too late, and now they just need a purple car to match the rug.

iBad Apple

Fraudsters are becoming more and more skilled and today there are several fake brands that look like the real deal. This one, on the other hand, is not one of those products. It looks like a joke, but putting the label “I phone watch” on a plastic watch doesn’t turn it into an Apple product.

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