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Expectation Vs. Reality: Adventures in Online Shopping

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Soup Kitchen

Not many people really know that ladles come in various sizes, maybe this guy works in a Soup Kitchen. this size ladle is really inappropriate for any home. Next time, he will definitely check the size. Until then, he can maybe help in the local soup kitchen.

One Size Fits All

Or not. This guy got a cold shower when he figured out that the beautiful trench coat he ordered online ‘one size fits all’ isn’t the right fit for him at all. On top of that, what he received is a poorly sawn jacked.


If its too good to be true, it probably isn’t, as this guy found out once he received the iPad he thought he purchased for a really good price. He should have done his research better or asked for a warranty, rather than blindly believing that you can buy an expensive product for a really cheap price.

When in Rome

Or “when in Paris,” or was it “when in London?” Maybe this would be a good idea for a shirt if you are a Parisian in London – you cover all the angles. But as a souvenir T-shirt bought online, it has confusing messages. Where was this person?

One Size too Small

Almost every girl wants to be one size smaller. Many girls are. But size Small isn’t always the right choice, because it depends on what’s in your mind. This girl ordered a size small skirt online, and it turned up that it was small even for her leg.

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