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Expectation Vs. Reality: Adventures in Online Shopping

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Touch Wood

Electronics such as televisions, laptops, phones etc. are best purchased from a reliable source. Since you have to pay a lot of money for them, it better be something you can clearly see and use. But if you order it online, be prepared for anything. Touch wood that something like this doesn’t happen to you.

Ray of Light

Having curtains can be romantic or just practical, either way, they are there to protect you from the morning sun, or to provide you with some privacy. Well, this guy solved half of his problem, when he ordered his curtains online.

Size Does Matter

It is always a risk when you buy clothes online. Yes, the models are always thin and beautiful, the clothes always fit them perfectly, but even if you look like a model, there will be times when you’ll receive clothes that either don’t match the order, or the size is way off. Going to the store and actually trying clothes on is not a bad idea after all.

You Snake

The guy probably wanted to look hip with his new snake belt, but must have been more than disappointed when he received this belt which doesn’t look at all like a snake, and is obviously fake.

Face Mask

Winnie the Pooh just became a really disturbing Halloween mask. A face mask that should have looked like the cutest little bear, was obviously not meant to be on someones face like this. The girl looks more like an actor for a ‘Friday the 13th’ sequel than the kids’ favourite bear in the world.

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