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Expectation Vs. Reality: Adventures in Online Shopping

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Barbie has a New TV Stand

This girl obviously didn’t read the description of the product, that clearly shows that this was a TV stand for a dollhouse. This is a good example of why you should always read the fine print.

Print Match

When a girl ordered a modern print dress, she didn’t expect that it will suit her brother better, cause what she received was not the dress at all. It was a man’s shirt. The print did match, though.

Dog Likes It

Size can be a problem even when you buy clothes for your pet. This dog probably wanted something bigger and longer to keep him warm during the winter, but he got a puppy size coat. Although, he once was a puppy.

Creepy Pillow

When guys want to be romantic, the outcome can sometimes be hilarious. This guy wanted his girlfriend to be able to see him every night before she goes to sleep. I don’t think either of them were happy with the result, when they saw this pillow.

Face Mask 2

Suction Black Mask is very popular among teenagers because it’s supposed to help with problematic skin. This girl ordered hers online. At least her forehead will benefit thanks to this mask.

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