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Where Are The 90s’ Greatest Celebrities Today?

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Sarah Jessica Parker – Then

By the early 1990s, Sarah Jessica Parker was already a fairly well-established actress. 

Before her big debut as Carrie Bradshaw in 1998’s Sex and the City, Parker had appeared in Honeymoon in Vegas opposite Nicolas Cage, as well as opposite Bruce Willis in 1994’s Striking Distance.

That same year, she appeared opposite Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s critically acclaimed Ed Wood, and, two years later, in another Tim Burton movie: Mars Attacks!

In 1998, she landed the role of Carrie Bradshaw in 1998’s Sex and the City – a show and a role that would change television forever, as well as become an important milestone in feminist discourse.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Now

Following the success of Sex and the City, Parker continued to act in various films, including two film sequels to the successful television series, as well as in successful television shows like Glee and Divorce.

Today, Parker continues to act, as well as to work as a n executive producer on various films and television shows.

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